Bicksler and Associates

Welcome to Bicksler and Associates

Bicksler and Associates offers management services for homeowner associations, attorneys, financial institutions and developers, services that help provide the operational reliabilty and financial stability that are keys to maintaining the value of homes and growing the real estate investment.


Full Service Management Services

Bicklser and Associates can help manage and integrate typical Home Owner Association management services (Administrative, Financial and Physical). Learn more...


Consulting Services

Bicklser and Associates offers a broad range of Home Owner Association consulting services, including Management Audits, Management Specifications and Selection, On-Site Manager Recruitment and Election Inspectors. Learn more...


Expert Witness Services

Bicksler and Associates has provided expert witness services in a mulitude of cases, including those concerning condominiums, townhomes, common interest subdivisions, expert testimony on budgets, reserves management and standards of care... Learn more...


Developer Services

Bicksler and Associates offers Developers: Planning Services, Formation Services and Management Services. Learn more...